The Estates Theatre is one of the most beautiful historical theatre buildings in Europe. The theatre was built in 1783 by František Antonín Count Nostitz Rieneck, and was originally named Nostitzsches Nationaltheater. In 1798, the count’s heir sold the theatre  to the Czech Estates (composed of the aristocracy and the burgher elite) and the name was changed to the Estates Theatre. The name was changed several times over the following centuries, primarily as the result of German influence and, later, the Communist government. Following the fall of the regime in 1989 and the completion of an extensive eight-year reconstruction in 1991, the building was renamed the Estates Theatre once again.

A long list of prominent personalities are linked to this unique Classicist building, the only one in Central Europe to have retained its original appearance. The most famous of these is undoubtedly Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the musical genius whose works will always be closely tied to the magnificent atmosphere of the Estates Theatre.

It was in Prague where Mozart celebrated his triumphal successes and uttered his legendary line: ‘My Praguers understand me’.